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Mount Abu International HAM Radio Club

Our Special Thanks To Jignesh Desai, AD6TF/VU3FRN , ex- KF6UXD and Vaishali Jogi, SWL

Jignesh Desai, AD6TF/VU3FRN , ex- KF6UXD

Jignesh is a licensed amateur radio operator for 17 years. He is an avid CW operator. He has been on 11 expeditions, including to Venezuela, Chile and India. He participates to help out with emergency communications with City and County of San Francisco and the Red Cross.






Vaishali Jogi, SWL  

Vaishali has been a meditation teacher for the last 19 years. She has served in more than 20 states in America. She engages with local non-profit and government agencies in San Francisco.




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