World-wide Amateur Radio Communication Network, is important mode of Communication during period of Emergency and reliable tool of Disaster Management. Army is also trained to use HAM system in order to make our country’s border safe.  During Communal violence and riots, police use HAM service to restore peace and tranquility.  Road Traffic control can be said as good example for execution of HAM services.  Furthermore HAM is also an academic subject & plays pivotal role in fulfilling aspects of Training on Electronics & Communications system.

MHRC objectives is to propagate the importance of HAM services throughout India and abroad. To achieve this, MHRC team relentlessly work on core essentiality of human to human contacts using latest technological available resources in this sector of WAN application. India is lagging behind in utilization of HAM network to its fullest possibilities in Disaster Management. MHRC is focusing in training youths to take up HAM as best hobby to explore as career as well as to create team which can be deployed during period of national crisis. We believe in motto by training Ham world wide aspirants, we will be able to make “One World One Family & One Communication” come true. We have collaborated with few International HAM society and in past 4-5 years have conducted joint mission e.g. with ARISS, IOTA etc. . Such kind of activities boost moral of HAMS as well as acknowledge its importance hidden in its services. The involvement of International HAMS with one like ours, enable local population to enhance their knowledge and spirit, to take HAM to its next level.

 We are consistently working on following

Aims & Objectives

  1. To Promote amateur radio as a global resource.
    b. To arouse curiosity and eagerness among youth worldwide by promoting amateur radio as a technical hobby.
    c. To promote amateur radio as an asset to the handicapped and hence bringing joy in their lives.
    d. To contribute to the growth of electronics industry in India.
    e. To become a pioneer in a practical approach to disaster management in times of need.
    f. To become an ideal platform for any government or social/cultural/ religious organization for guidance and support on HAM
    g. To create an amateur radio communication network to support NGOs/Voluntary agencies and also government for supporting disaster management