HAM also well known as Amateur Radio is a noncommercial two-way communications system, also termed a “Second line communication system.” Messages are sent either by voice or Morse code.

HAM radio is useful when all other communications such as voice call, mobile text messages, or internet-based services such as email, whatsapp, telegram, messenger, etc are either

1)  hold for restoration of law and order in a particular part of the country or

2) these are in a non-working state due to natural disaster such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, etc. 

The Wireless and Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC)—a division of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology—regulates amateur radio in India. The WPC assigns call signs, issues amateur radio licenses, conducts exams, allots frequency spectrum, and monitors the radio waves. Recently at the portal of the Ministry of Telecommunication namely “Saral Sanchar” manages all required preliminary HAM license issuance procedures such as registeration of the applicant, allocation of examination centre for written examination of the applicant, declaration of result, issuance of HAM license, call sign, amendment of the callsign, etc. 

Various Technological advancement has taken place in recent times which include the usage of internet-based HAM system, hi-tech walkie-talkies, HAM mobile application program namely Eco-link, efficient material & technological up-gradation in Antennas/ Repitors, DMR system, etc. Further due to technological advancement, has made the HAM system a versatile system which can be operated on moving vehicles.


Short History of MHRC

The Mount Abu International Ham Radio Club, call sign VU2BK is the only registered association which runs by its members who are also amateur radio enthusiasts of Rajasthan, India. MHRC is a non-profitable organization established on 17th October 2013 by HAM Yashwant Patil, call sign VU2YOR and who is also MHRC President & HAM Mohan Singhal, VU2TKH is acting Vice President.

MHRC provides technical advice and assistance to amateur radio enthusiasts, organizes training programs, conducts “Field day’s” and provides emergency communications services throughout the country. MHRC has approximately 200 Ham’s as members. In addition to members in India, the organization has also members in other countries. MHRC hosted the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Hamfest India in Abu, Rajasthan in November 2016.

Like many of amateur radio clubs and societies, MHRC had humble beginnings. Amateur Radio activity at Mt. Abu was started in the early ’90s with a small group of wireless enthusiasts like Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashok Gaba VU2AIZ, Mohan Singhal VU2TKH, C Cockinos VK4UZ, Yashwant Patil VU2YOR, Jignesh Desai AD6TF & Satish Kavishwar VU2CC. The group was mixture of people from Science and Engineering backgrounds.

Now MHRC has several leading lights at the society like Karuna VU3UWS, Mrithyunjaya VU3UXC, Pandiamani VU3UXM who saw amateur radio as an instrument of universal brotherhood and an important tool in managing disasters.

MHRC’s VHF/UHF repeaters are located at Achalgadh at an Altitude of 1312m/4306ft covering the needs Ham fraternity of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The frequencies of repeaters are VHF Rx 145.000 TX 145.600 & UHF Rx 435.800 TX 434.200. MHRC (VU2BK) Club has all the necessary equipment for use of a variety of modulation methods including Morse code, voice and digital modes, and image modes such as television and facsimile.