Mount Abu International  HAM Radio Club, MHRC [VU2BK], was established on 17th October, 2013 with ‘One World, One Family, One Communications’ as its prime motto. The licence (Licence Number 26213)  is governed by the Indian Wireless Telegraphs (Amateur Services) Rules, 1978. WPC, Ministry of Communication & IT.

Since its formation, almost 125 HAM licence holders have come forward to join hands with us and became Global Family Member.We are proud to say that own a  fully equipped HAM radio station with digital mode.

We welcome each licence holder or HAM Radio aspirant who wishes to be part of Salvation Team to assist refugees during time of Emergency and Disaster. They can join by registering and completing necessary government formalities.

 HAM Features

  • Talking around the world without wires
  • Self-training in emergency communications & Disaster management
  • Wireless experimentation on voice, text, image, and data communications
  • Public service communications
  • Legacy communication modes like Morse code and Radioteletype (RTTY).
  • New communication modes like digital packet, Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS), and spread spectrum.
  • Foxhunting (using “radio direction finding” techniques to find a hidden transmitter)
  • Amateur radio satellites in space
  • Moonbounce (talking by bouncing radio waves off the moon)
  • Contests, awards & Expeditions (expeditions to foreign land)



” In an excellent atmosphere in the surroundings of beautifull aravali mountain range at Mount Abu the HAM operators decided to have MAIHRC.
The antenna system and the equipment is already in place. I find that more then 50 licensed radio HAMs are living in and around Mount Abu. In India such heavy concentration of HAM’s in one city or village of this nature is unique. I have the privilage of inagurating this club on 17th of Oct in the presence of many HAMs. I wish and sure that this MAIHRC will make good progress in the days to come. ”

S.Suri (VU2MY)- Founder Chairmen NIAR, Hydrabad